Experience is among the pillars of our success, and it is also the basis for our confidence to be able to meet all our customers’ needs as Vancouver electrical contractors. We are aware that with experience and professionalism…



As Vancouver electrical contractors we operate in conformity with modern needs for electrical contracting services in each sphere of life. Electricity is the most widely used source of power; we carry out projects in the…



We rely on the modern principles in the field of business, and we are able to offer the three most important features that underlie our success as Vancouver electrical contractors. We abide by the reliability, flexibility, and…


about us

“… We will provide a variety of electrical services for the Lower Mainland of BC with our reliable, flexible, and supportive team…”
SNG Electric provides quality electrical services to the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. We are dedicated to providing quality service, giving serious attention to detail that customers both expect and deserve. Our skilled electricians know their business; we are licensed professionals. You can rely on us to give you dependable and reliable service.

We are…

AReliable – dependability reaches new heights from your very first experience to every subsequent project
BFlexible – our exceptional ability to quickly and efficiently adapt to project demands with a positive attitude
CSupportive – we understand that building is a team effort and our role in the process as one of cooperation and collaboration.