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The design, installation and maintenance of data networks are among the main scopes of our activities as Vancouver electrical contractors. We are experienced and knowledgeable in the installation and maintenance of structured cable systems designed for all types of data networks. For the purpose, we employ experts on data networks, specialists who are adequately experienced and trained in the design and installation as well as subsequent maintenance of data networks.

The data network projects that we implement as Vancouver electrical contractors comprise fiber optics and data cabling, full server rooms and data centers, power conditioning, starting from the design and continuing with the project management. Large electrical construction based projects and multiple site rollouts are also areas of data network project implementation that SNG Electric is expert on.

Data networks are indispensable for the transmission and reception of data which comprise letters, spreadsheets and other documents. They are part and parcel of modern institutions as methods of communication for the transmission of data only. Nowadays private data networks, local networks for data transmission between departments within institutions, and public data networks, widely accessible for all clients of carrier networks, are in widespread use. As Vancouver electrical contractors, we are expert also on CAT 5 cabling, which is specially designed to carry broadband audio and video signals.

Choose SNG Electric for your data network needs, in the field of health care institutions, in office buildings, in educational institutions, in municipal buildings, in manufacturing or wholesale enterprises, or in retail stores. Whatever type of data you will need to have transmitted over your data networks, we as Vancouver electrical contractors will implement your project with professionalism and dedication, and the installation, testing and troubleshooting of your data network will be performed on an expert level, within short terms, and at budget rates.


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