Electrical System Design

As Vancouver electrical contractors, we offer state of the art services in electrical system design. We are experienced in the design of diverse electrical systems, from simple ones to complicated electrical systems.

Our specialists in electrical systems design have extensive knowledge, training and experience in matters related to basic electricity, the design and construction of electrical systems, as well as in state of the art methods of design such as computer aided drafting (CAD), design of commercial lighting, and carrying out of electrical estimations.

Our design projects as Vancouver electrical contractors comprise the implementing of simple to complicated electrical system design and layout projects, together with the complete set of accompanying documentation. We provide our customers with modern electrical system design solutions for commercial, industrial, office, etc. occupancies. We take pride in a vast number of electrical design projects implemented professionally, taking account of significant criteria such as voltage drops, short circuits, coordination, as well as harmonics.

Thanks to our professional approach and knowledge, with the aid of our electrical systems design our customers have achieved optimal performance and efficiency, no matter what the size of their building, industrial facility, etc. is. The design of electrical systems we as Vancouver electrical contractors implement is carried out in stages, including the selection of the equipment, the analysis of power distribution systems, the sizing of conduits and conductors, the lighting system design, the protection relaying, the power quality, etc.

By choosing the services of SNG Electric, you will take advantage of the design work carried out by a team of experts in electrical system design, specialists who are experts in the implementation and overseeing of the design of electrical systems for diverse facilities and sites. You will be rewarded for your choice with design services closely tailored to your needs and expectations.


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