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We rely on the modern principles in the field of business, and we are able to offer the three most important features that underlie our success as Vancouver electrical contractors. We abide by the reliability, flexibility, and supportiveness that our staff offers in the implementation of each project.

Reliability is a feature that is best witnessed by our satisfied customers who know they can depend on us for electrical contracting services of various scales, implemented efficiently and meeting relevant quality standards. Flexibility is another feature that enables us to promptly adapt our services and our approaches to each specific project’s demands, in order to come up with tailored electrical contracting services. Last but not least, supportiveness is a key feature among SNG Electric staff: electrical contracting services are team implemented projects, and with supportiveness on part of each staff member, the results are high quality project implemented by our company as Vancouver electrical contractors.

Being a company that employs licensed professionals certified according to modern standards, and skilled and experienced electricians, we offer a wide array of abilities in the field of electrical contracting. We can implement projects on commercial, industrial, retail, and office scales, and together with large scope electrical maintenance activities and different upgrades, such as lighting upgrades and service upgrades, we can also offer expert services in the field of CAT 5 cabling and data service room construction.

As Vancouver electrical contractors, we can also perform efficient troubleshooting, by applying the critical thinking approach and ascertain problems are the result of normal wear and tear, or have arisen owing to faults in installation or system components, on the basis of judging dependencies among individual components.

As our satisfied customers point out, our abilities for implementing reliable and prompt electrical services are combined with offers of competitive prices.


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