As Vancouver electrical contractors we operate in conformity with modern needs for electrical contracting services in each sphere of life. Electricity is the most widely used source of power; we carry out projects in the commercial, industrial, or restaurant and retail field, as well as in other smaller scale environments like offices and restaurants, in order to enable our customers to be able to make use of that power and employ it for their purposes in a state of the art and safe environment implemented by SNG Electric.

We develop our projects in order to enable our customers to use electricity in the most efficient manner, economically and safely, in conformity with modern practices.

The development of our main scope of services includes the following: electrical construction, maintenance contracting, data networks, fire alarms, emergency services, and we undertake industrial projects, commercial projects, institutional projects, restaurant projects, retail store projects, office projects. We develop the main electrical and construction activities in customers’ projects and achieve excellently functioning installations and systems meeting the necessary standards of quality and safety.
In addition to the development of our main activities as Vancouver electrical contractors, we are also expert on a number of other minor services in the field of electrical installations and systems. We offer professional services in the field of diverse additions and renovations, and also in the area of panel changes and upgrades; installations; outlets, circuits and switches; voice and data systems; lighting installations. We are expert in the field of electrical heating and different repair activities. Finally, our services include troubleshooting, as we apply our knowledge and experience as Vancouver electrical contractors to identify the malfunctions in electrical systems and restore customers’ systems and installations to their operational state. You can rely on SNG Electric for all types of electrical maintenance.


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