Our Experience

Experience is among the pillars of our success, and it is also the basis for our confidence to be able to meet all our customers’ needs as Vancouver electrical contractors. We are aware that with experience and professionalism we can offer our customers the best services, and we meet all the requirements for the endorsement of electrical contractor licensure.

Our staff consists of qualified electrical engineers with the sufficient length of experience in the field of electrical contracting. It also comprises specialists with sufficient management experience in the field of electrical contracting as foremen, supervisors, and contractors. The combination of experience in the above mentioned area adds up to present an overall platform of professional electrical contracting services of different scales.
The comprehensive technical education and training which our professional Vancouver electrical contractors staff features are the guarantee of quality enhanced by experience in the field of industrial, commercial and retail projects. We have certified professionals in the field of three phase services, in fire alarm systems, as well as in other alarm systems. With a staff including certified electrical contractors, for whose certification sufficient experience is required to award the respective certificates, we can offer a plethora of cumulative experience gained by professionals who can now successfully tackle all types of projects as Vancouver electrical contractors.
Our experience enables us not only to offer reasonable budget rates in conformity with the funds available at the disposal of our customers. On the basis of our experience we do not sacrifice projects compliance with quality and safety requirements. We discuss our plans and consideration with our customers, in order to make them aware that quality and safety standards should also be stringently applied to produce rewarding results for projects implemented by SNG Electric. Rely on our experience as Vancouver electrical contractors.


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